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Welcome to BrainWorks Therapy, LLC!

We are a privately owned, local practice where the clientele is small, and the focus is on you! We are here to help you on your child’s communication journey, from toddler to young adult. We provide specialized services in speech and language challenges affecting early childhood and, as your child grows, in the higher level language skills of oral narrative and discourse, decoding, reading comprehension, writing and spelling. We pride ourselves on our many years of experience, our insight into how the brain develops over time, and the advanced training in a variety of research based interventions so we can perform at the top of our field! We believe in empowering the family with education and counseling, and partner with you to promote the very best outcome for your child.


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Every child deserves the chance to show how their brain works. At BrainWorks Therapy, we honor that intention.

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