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"My daughter had the privilege to work with Rachel when she started speech at the age of two. My daughter, Taylor, was pretty stubborn and set in her ways even at this young age which made speech even more of a challenge for Rachel. Despite this challenge, Rachel put forth incredible effort and enthusiasm at every single session. She found ways to entice and engage Taylor so that she was barely aware that she was practicing her speech. Rachel incorporated play into all sessions and went above and beyond to help me with feeding issues Taylor was having along with her speech challenges. Rachel made sure to always give thorough explanations, plus, she provided me with activities to help Taylor during the week. I would highly recommend Rachel to any family looking for a fabulous and knowledgeable speech therapist."

Amy G., Parent

I will never forget what Rachel did for my son, Oliver when he was about to age out of Early Intervention. We sat down at my mom’s kitchen table and she shared her concerns that Oliver might be showing signs of Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Rachel took the time to explain what this condition looks like, how children typically make progress with the right kind of treatment, and she had so much sensitivity to what this meant for Oliver and our family. Rachel had such an essential combination of knowledge, professionalism and deep empathy. After this meeting, I took the proper steps, and Oliver did end up with a diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Oliver is in Kindergarten now and he is doing fantastic! He didn't really start talking until just about 9-months ago but with the Apraxia diagnosis, I have had him in specialized therapy. We are now down to only one private session per week in addition to his school services! I wanted to say thank you. Saying thank you doesn't express the immense gratitude for the care Rachel provided Oliver ... she truly helped guide me in the right direction to get the best care for my son."

Julie F., Parent

"There are not enough good things I can say about Rachel. Rachel first started working with my daughter when my she was eighteen months and did not have any sort of language. She was barely making sounds or communicating which was very frustrating for her. Rachel came in with patience, dedication and innovative ideas. When I was not able to be home for the appointments she would send me videos and updates so I knew what she worked on each session. I remember how Rachel chose activities that were meaningful to my child, such as washing toy farm animals in a mini-bathtub, and my feelings when she put two words together for the first time! We were so sad when Rachel moved away and was unable to continue working with our daughter. She is truly an exceptional speech therapist who gives her all to her clients and is truly vested in their success!"

Elisheva B., Parent

"When Rachel first met our son, Milo, he hardly uttered a sound. He was quiet and shy for nearly a month. But Rachel didn’t give up. She earned his trust and ours, too; she answered all of our worried-parent questions and encouraged Milo to speak. She taught us techniques to encourage him to talk and was an advocate for Milo in advising us in the right care/school environment for his needs. Milo now won’t stop talking (and singing) and is a very social kid. Rachel greatly impacted Milo’s life and we are forever grateful."

Megan and Steven P., Parents

"Rachel's commitment to her clients is unparalleled. She always goes the extra step to diagnose and treat. Rachel diligently works to motivate her clientele to achieve their goals. It was a pleasure to have her on our team."

Amanda O., Previous employer

"Our 2 year old son has a speech delay, with limited vocabulary for his age. He had seen two other speech therapists before he had the opportunity to work with Rachel. Our son enjoyed every session and looked forward to seeing her each week! Rachel always made him feel special when he learned a new word. Rachel also honed in on his language that needed improvement, thus teaching our family how to help our son to communicate during the days he did not have therapy. We could not have been more pleased with the high level of attention and care our son received during his sessions with Rachel. Our son’s vocabulary has increased significantly with him now being able to say 2-word phrases! Rachel’s professionalism, while also being able to play and connect with our son, was exceptional. We are grateful for Rachel’s expertise and quality time spent with our son. Our family would highly recommend Rachel to any families with children who are in need of speech therapy."

Amanda and Dan I., Parents

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